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Spire Sciences brings unparalleled experience and expertise in central image analysis to your clinical trials.


Helping bring better therapies into clinical use faster

Our specialized radiologists and imaging scientists are dedicated to this unique application of medical imaging, and have helped bring numerous new therapies to regulatory approval. We can ensure that your study achieves the highest reading accuracy possible.


We value close working relationships with clinical development teams and bring deep insight into what it takes to make trials with imaging succeed.


Our goal is to be the preeminent central imaging service for clinical research by providing the most accurate image analyses, trustworthy scientific advice and beneficial innovations to reduce uncertainty, time and cost in therapeutic development.

Pharma's radiology department

Charles Peterfy, MD, PhD

Founder / CEO


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Our focus is delivering the highest accuracy in image analysis, as this is the most important determinant of statistical power in clinical trials. We accomplish this by integrating unparalleled image reading excellence with meticulous quality control and experienced protocol design.

Central Image Analysis

Spire Sciences' radiologists are dedicated specialists in clinical-trials imaging and can deliver inter-reader agreement levels and read-out speeds that are unparalleled in the industry

Imaging Protocol Design

Spire Sciences' experts have designed hundreds of clinical-trial imaging protocols and understand what makes trials succeed. We have the multi-vender technological knowledge, scientific insight, regulatory perspective and practical hands-on experience needed to find the right balance between scientific desire and practical reality.

Image Acquisition Traning

   & Central Quality Control

Proper training and quality control by experts whom site technologists trust and understand is critical to achieving high-quality images. Our experts have been training sites around the world for years, and they know what it takes to get outstanding results.

By properly integrating these three interdependent elements of imaging, Spire Sciences is able to deliver unparalleled accuracy and speed in central image analysis for clinical trials.

About Spire

 Spire Sciences' mission is to improve world health by helping bring new and better therapies into clinical use faster. We serve this cause by reducing uncertainty, time and cost in clinical trials through innovative imaging.


In contrast to contract research organizations and core laboratories which offer image analysis as one of many services and often outsource readings to clinical radiologists, Spire Sciences is focused exclusively on central image analysis and uses dedicated in-house radiologists who are specialized in clinical-trials and unsurpassed reading performance.


Charles Peterfy, MD, PhD, is founder and CEO of Spire Sciences. Dr. Peterfy is an internationally recognized leader in imaging for clinical trials, and has been developing, validating and implementing innovative imaging techniques for 25 years. Dr. Peterfy is a board-certified radiologist with fellowship training from University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and a PhD in Pharmacology and Therapeutics from McGill University. He was attending radiologist at UCSF for seven years where he also served as Director of Arthritis Research for the Osteoporosis and Arthritis Research Group. In 1998, Dr. Peterfy co-founded CCBR-Synarc Inc and served as its Chief Medical Officer until leaving to form Spire Sciences in 2009.


Dr. Peterfy has helped introduce numerous methods currently used in clinical trials. He was the first to develop and validate a technique for qualifying articular cartilage volume in the knee using MRI. He developed the fixed-flexion technique for radiology of the knee in osteoarthritis, the SynaFlexer and FixedFlexion positioning frames and projection phantom for reproducible radiography of the knee, and fixed-location joint-space width measurement for monitoring progression of osteoarthritis. Dr. Peterfy co-developed the RAMRIS (Rheumatoid Arthritis MRI Score), PsAMRIS (Psoriatic Arthritis MRI Score) and HOAMRIS (Hand Oasteoarthritis MRI Score) methods as part of the OMERACT (Outcome Measures in Rheumatology Clinical Trials) MRI Working Group. He developed the CARLOS (Cartilage Loss Score) method for monitoring cartilage loss in rheumatoid arthritis, and invented the Syn-X-RA and X-frame positioning devices for error-free radiography of the hand and foot in arthritis clinical trials, and the Syn-M-RA and M-frame devices for reproducible MRI fo the hand and wrist in arthritis trials. He chaired the Imaging Working Group of the NIH Osteoarthritis Initiative, and co-founded ISEMIR, the International Society for Extremity MRI in Rheumatology. Dr. Peterfy has authored over 150 scientific articles and book chapters, edited two textbooks and participated in numerous standardization committees, scientific advisory boards and expert panels for advancing imaging in clinical trials.

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